Shaolin Temple China 2016 Trip

Shaolin Temple China 2016 Trip
Event Dates: 
Wednesday, 5 October, 2016 (All day) to Friday, 14 October, 2016 (All day)
Event Location: 
Shaolin Temple China


Shaolin India Invites Students to join us on our Cultural trip to China this October 5th 2016

9 days trip - October 5 th to 14th 2016

The Trip will include Stay at The Shaolin Secular Disciples Home in China and training by a highly trained Shaolin Monk in the Shaolin Temple.
Participants will receive the certificate for the same.

Besides the training participants will visit various heritage sites such as
* The Pagoda Forest
* The Damo caves
* The Fawang Temple
* The San Huang Zhai Monnastery
* The Wu Dang Mountains

Visit the Shaolin Monastery, also known as the Shaolin Temple, is a Chan ("Zen") Buddhist temple in Dengfeng County, Henan Province, China. Dating back 1,500 years, Shaolin Temple is the main temple of the Shaolin school of Buddhism to this day.
Shifu Kanishka was the first Indian to train here when the temple was open for foreigners to stay.

Visit the Pagoda Forest and The Famous Damo caves
The Shaolin Monastery and its Pagoda Forest, The Damo caves were inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2010 as part of the "Historic Monuments of Dengfeng.

Visit the Fawang Temple
Fawang Temple is a Chinese Buddhist temple located 5 km northwest of the town of Dengfeng in Henan province, China. The temple is situated at the bottom of the Yuzhu Peak of Mount Song. Meet Shifu Heng Jun and visit Shifu Kanishka's room and understand the life of a Martial artist training there.

Trek to SAN Huang Zhai Monastery
Song Mountain is considered to be the most important of the five sacred mountains in China. In 87 AD Buddhists monks came from India carrying the first texts of Buddhism. About 500 years later the more famous Bodhidarma came to the already established Shaolin Temple, sat in the cave on Wuru Peak for 9 years, returned to the Temple and introduced a new Zen form of Buddhism to China.

Visit the Wu Dang Mountains
They are home to a famous complex of Taoist temples and monasteries associated with the god Xuan Wu. The Wudang Mountains are renowned for the practice of Taichi and Taoism as the Taoist counterpart to the Shaolin Monastery, which is affiliated with Chinese Chan Buddhism.
Particpants will stay and train at the Shaolin Temple China for 4 days after which they will move to the Martial arts themed hotel Chan Wu and visit important places and train with our grand master Shifu Yan Fang .
Besides the training and visting the various heritage sites of China and experiencing the Shaolin Monk's way of life, participants will also visit the famous nights markets and stay in the only martial arts Themed Hotel in China. Witness an Extravagant Kung fu Pergormance.

Cost USD 820.00
Note: Airfare and Visa not included.

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