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Shaolin Temple, India


This is the Official Website of the Shaolin Temple India.

Shaolin Temple India and its authorized regional Shaolin Kung Fu Training centers are owned and run by Shifu Shi Yan You (Shifu Kanishka Sharma) who is the direct disciple of Ven. Abbot Shi Yong Xin and is the ONLY Official Branch and Cultural Centre of the Shaolin Temple, China in India that has been authorized to spread the Three Treasure of Shaolin - Chan (Buddhism), Wu (Shaolin Kung Fu) & Yi (Traditional Chinese Medicine, Qiqong & Tai Chi Chuan) through authorized regional Shaolin Kung Fu Training centers all over India

Shifu Kanishka Sharma has received direct orders from the Abbot of the Shaolin Temple, China, that No One, who is not Authorized by the Shaolin Temple, China is allowed to do or claim any of the below, either Online on Websites, Blogs, Social Media, etc Or Offline via Advertisements, Boards, Banners etc. that is

#1 To use any name containing the words "Shaolin Temple", "Shaolin Temple India", etc

#2 To claim to be an Authorized Branch of Shaolin Temple, China

#3 To claim to be an Authentic Shaolin Kung Fu Master

#4 To claim to be imparting "Real", "Authentic" "Shaolin Kung Fu", "Shaolin Qi Gong" etc.

Any one found violating any of the above will face Legal action to the Highest extent possible by law.

Please report any fraudulent activity by anyone in any place in India at our official email id: info @

Its is the personal responsibility of those interested in Shaolin Temple, Its Culture and its Three Treasures (especially Shaolin Kung Fu) to check the authenticity of the Centre and the Person claiming to be a Real Shaolin Kung Fu Teacher by checking our List of Shaolin Kung Fu Training Centers Locations with name of the Instructors who have been authorized to teach in it.

The Shaolin Temple, China, Shaolin Temple India and its authorized centers are in no way responsible for any damage or losses financial, mentally and physically or to life, or limb incurred to anyone who trains at any of the centers run by fraudsters and conmen. For information on any such people traced by us, please stay upto date with all news and announcement by regularly reading the STI Official News Section